This website is a collection of my visits to industrial archeology sites and forgotten architectural structures.

These locations tell us who we are, and they all tell a different story.

It's our legacy, our history, our richness and moments of fame.

But also a recollection of fail and error, social drama's and frustration.


Let me take you on a journey into the forgotten realms of our society.

I hope you enjoy my pictures as much as the visits I made to these amazing locations.


We shall not cease from exploration
and the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started
 and know the place for the first time.

                                 T.S. Eliot




Don't contact me for the addresses of these locations.

I will not tell you. Do your own research.

But if you find and visit these places, do it with respect.

Don't break anything, don't force your way in.

Photographers are not criminals...



Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints!


Take nothing but pictures - Leave nothing but footprints



Amazing photographs

I browse through you photographs on a regular basis.

They are amazing. You have a great eye for detail & mood.

The lighting and color (or lack of) are beautifully captured.

Thank you for sharing your journeys with such great images & I look forward to enjoying many more in the future.


Great pictures and great site

Hey Neqo, Great pictures and great site, love the trip you made to Russia...amazing.... Regards, Anthonius van Padua.

Surreal !

What else can be said but WOW!

I love all of your shots, amazing is a word that does not do enough justice to describe your photo's, keep up the great work.

Regards Chris

Prachtig man!

NeQo, Prachtig man!

Zelden de vergane glorie van CCCP zo in beelden gezien!



Oh wow!

That's quite a collection of photos you have here. Good job!


Brilliant photos and a great website. Keep them coming. Danny

Wonderful work

Great photos and I like that you treat with respect and tender to the places which you are visit.

I wish you every success in your work and travellings!


Greetings, Natalya - Lost Places


These series are really awesome.

Really all I can say is wow...stunning.

I've spent 3 entire evenings

I've spent 3 entire evenings rummaging through your photographs.

Everything about them is simply splendid.

Your eye for the details, the processing that fits each image perfectly.

Except for the lack of the smells, it really is like being there.


Greets Jim Flinchbaugh.

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