This website is a collection of my visits to industrial archeology sites and forgotten architectural structures.

These locations tell us who we are, and they all tell a different story.

It's our legacy, our history, our richness and moments of fame.

But also a recollection of fail and error, social drama's and frustration.


Let me take you on a journey into the forgotten realms of our society.

I hope you enjoy my pictures as much as the visits I made to these amazing locations.


We shall not cease from exploration
and the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started
 and know the place for the first time.

                                 T.S. Eliot




Don't contact me for the addresses of these locations.

I will not tell you. Do your own research.

But if you find and visit these places, do it with respect.

Don't break anything, don't force your way in.

Photographers are not criminals...



Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints!


Take nothing but pictures - Leave nothing but footprints



that`s awesome!

I love your site...that`s all I can say ♥♥♥ Greetings from Germany


Was eigenlijk nieuwsgierig na 10 jaar dat DEWE International (lingerie) in faling is gegaan of er nog iets op internet te vinden zou zijn.
Ik moet zeggen was blij verrast maar toch raar om te zien hoe het fabriek zo vervallen is.
Het doet me toch wel iets ben er bijna 12 jaar in dienst geweest en heb dit werk heel graag gedaan.
Super foto's

Nice site

Found your adress on UF m8.
Nice site, got it pinned in my favo's

New site

Hi NeQo! Glad to see your new site!

One of the urbex reference (with few other) in Belgium !

Still waiting for your pictures from our visit with Flo. Maybe in 2022 ;)

Will come as regular as i used too!

And of course thx for the link!


Au plaisir as we say in French!

Grtz from France.

Super site NeQo!

Super site NeQo!

Groetjes Tim

Great 360's!

- Great Images

- fantastic locations

- Really enjoyed looking at your work.

From Kent in Missouri

Prachtige, sfeervolle foto's

Prachtige, sfeervolle foto's ! 'k Hoop je nog eens tegen te komen.

Groetjes. Willem


Hi Neqo,

Hope your pictures from Wolfranium are fine.

Was a funny day and a "ok" location.

Great site and nice pictures, especially the Chernobyl ones.

Greetings Thorsten.

Amazing work NeQo

Amazing work NeQo.

I am in Ireland and I am very much drawn to urban decay photography.

Your work has inspired me so much, thank you for sharing this amazing photography/art.


You have a friend in Ireland, Paul.

Greetings from Italy

Hi silent NeQo!

Silent because it's very strange we haven't crossed each others path before.

Wow, I'm getting lost in your world!

I like the feeling of getting lost: it means I have to explore to find my way out ;-)

Great explorations! Very glad we had a chance to meet!

You have friends in Italy if you ever pass by.


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