Skytech MI26



This is the largest helicopter type MI26 in the world with a top speed of 295km/h.

It's origin is Russian and used for civilan and military transport.


The first Mi-26 flew on 14 December 1977 and the first production aircraft was rolled out on 4 October 1980.

Development was completed in 1983, and the Mi-26 was in Soviet military and commercial service by 1985.

The Mi-26 was the first factory-equipped helicopter with a single, eight-blade main lift rotor.

It is capable of flight in the event of power loss by one engine (depending on aircraft mission weight) thanks to an engine load sharing system.

While it is only slightly heavier than the Mi-6, the Mi-26 can lift up to 20 metric tons (44,000 lb).

It is the second largest and heaviest helicopter ever constructed, after the experimental V-12.

The tail rotor has about the same rotor diameter and thrust of the four-bladed MD500 main rotor.


Status: Waiting to be transported.


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