Preventorium Dolhain

Preventorium Dolhain

After the war the Province of Liege became owner of this financial burden.

The preventorium in Dolhain nestled along the Weser and the railway line Liege-Welkenraedt, knew it's best days in the 70's

It had more than 150 beds to treat children in the early tuberculose infection state.


But the maintenance of this impressive building was about five million a year.

Due to advances in medicine, that almost completely eradicated tuberculosis, the domain lost its purpose.

The province tried to sell well, but she never found an acquirer.

In 1991 the domain was sold to Kurt Mayer for 10.6 million old belgium francs. (around 250.000 euro)


Some old pictures:






Status: At this moment the préventorium is being converted into lofts.


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