Mine Winterslag

Mine Winterslag

The coalmine from Winterslag was one of seven mines in the Kempen coalfield .

The concession for exploitation of coal was granted on November 3, 1906 with the concession-name Genck Sutendael, for 3800 acres.

After several revisions in 1912 the operating company Société anonyme Charbonnages the Winterslag was established.

Main shareholder of a coal mine owner from France Evence Coppée.


From 1912 gave the French group Schneider forty percent owned, the rest of the shares was held by the Belgian group Coppée.

It was the the first coal production mine in 1917 in Belgian Limburg  Even before the outbreak of the First World War had been discovered coal here.

The Germans allowed the owners in WWI to further develop the mine.

The mine achieved in 1967 have an annual production of 1,635,514 tons. Total mine production amounted to 66,593,000 tons.

In 1953 employment was up by 6250 miners .

The basement levels were at 600, 660, 735 and 850 m.

In the early days Winterslag had a bad reputation for safety measurements because of the rail services (sedans that were built by winches).

Through the efforts of director-manager Alex Winterslag Other Dufrasne grew after World War II as one of the safest mines.


The mine eventually closed in 1988, after a last production record in december 1987.


  • Some pictures from the old days:

Winterslag Cooling Towers

Winterslag Generator Hall

Winterslag Buildings and Elevators

Winterslag Rear View

Winterslag Train

Winterslag Mine Tunnel




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