Pripyat Hospital


ho ever used to drive on the main road in Priyat, must have noticed the Hospital with huge letters on the roof.

"Здоров'я народу - багатство країни" which mean as much as " Healt to the people - Richness of the country".

The remains of the maternity still has a big impact on the building.

Is't very contradictory knowing that it once was a place where all new life begon.


But it's also the place where the first victims of the disaster received medical help, mainly firemen and powerplant personnel.

They suffered from the extreme deadly doses of radiation, the so-called Beta Burns.

Here they spend there last moments together, spend the last hours, making jokes, smoking another cigarette.

None of them would survive...



С'est article est interesssant, je le relais à mes contacts !! :p

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