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When in 1862 the Sisters of Our Lady receive the message that they get no further admission to care elderly women in the convent anymore,

the council decides to conform the old rectory into a hospital for sick and elders under the guidance of Director Evarist De Coninck.

But already in 1870 this becomes to small and in 1872 a complete new building is erected in the Holstraat.

This was done by the financial support of Felix De Ruyck (founder of the Waregem horseraces).



Already in 1874 there are 89 patients under the wings of 4 nuns. That number rises to nine nuns in 1910.

In 1960, the building ownership of Public Assistance, got demolished and rebuilt to a design by architect S. Smis.

They were Inaugurated on July 15, 1963.




Status: Destroyed on October 2012.


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