ECVM Powerplant


This was one of Belgium largest power-plants almost completely build in demand of the coal- and iron-industry.

Born in 1921, by that time known as Intercom Monceau.

Between the 50's and 60's the name changed to EBES and was added to the city of charleroi as the main power source for the region.

At that era a new part, running completely on gas engines, was added to the exiting coal installment.


1990: INTERCOM, UNERG, and EBES merge to form Electrabel.

But it got in disuse in the period between '90 and '00, due the reduced employment and disappearance of the raw industry in Belgium.

It was standby from 2005 in case of emergencies, but was never used again.


The picture gallery is devided in 3 parts:

- Cooling Tower: The massive cooling tower, still resident on the other side of the river.

- New Part: The most recent and modern gas-powered part.

- Old Part: The old coal powerplant, with an old museum present inside the plant, that was used to educate internal employees.


Status: Today's future is unsure, because of the massive copper-thefts who destroyed almost the entire site.


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