Dossche Deinze

Doacche Deinze


It was  the year 1875, Messrs. Timmermans and De Volder, millers from Tielt, moved to Deinze to establish a steam-engine driven flour and pastry factory.

The reason for this relocation was the massive import of wheat from far-off countries, including Russia and the United States,  pushing wheat and rye cultivation in Belgium to the side of extinction. Due to the resulting attractive prices it thus favoured  consumption of wheat bread at the expense  of rye bread.

Despite the fact the partners were a closely knit family, they decided to each go separate ways in 1883 .The wheatflour mill in Deinze was taken  by the Timmermans brothers. The De Volders family  founded another milling house under the name ‘Volders Molens’, N.V Les Moulins de Flandres, also frequently called the Molen van Petegem.

On 30 December 1890, the mill in Deinze was almost entirely destroyed by fire. Courageously the owners constructed a new factory that only manufactured flour and handed over  the  production facilities for pastry  to another company located in Brussels.

The company split, followed by the disastreous fire accident, weighed heavily upon the respective owner and, on 11 August 1892, led to the formation of  a public limited liability company, under the name ‘LES MOULINS DE DEINZE - DE MOLENS VAN DEINZE’.

Descendants of the founders families continued to be part of  the Board of Directors.

In 1923 the mill was wired for electricity.

In 1924 the original capital fund of 1.000.000 gold Francs was raised  by 2.200.000 gold Francs.

As a result, ‘Les Moulins de Flandres’, were bought from DeVolder-family.

In 1931-32 new storage bins were constructed.

In 1947-48 the Mill in Petegem, of which milling capacity has been transferred  to Deinze in 1936, was transformed into a feed mill.

In 1936 and in 1950, capital funds were raised again by bringing in the capital reserves, partly due to the soaring weakness of the Belgian Franc versus the US-Dollar.

From 1950 to 1953 the grain silos were once again enlarged and new wheatflour warehouses with automatic bag conveyor-silos were build.

In 1960 the capital fund  was raised once again in order to keep pace with organic growth.

At the end of 1967 there was another merger by swapping shares with the N.V. MOLENS VAN DER STUCKEN of Antwerp, and the capital was put up once more.

At that time the company employed 324 people in three mills - Deinze, Brussels and Antwerp - total wheat flour production was 555 tons a day,  feed fodder  production rose to  150 tons per day.

In April 1973 N.V. Deinze co was founded, targetting  the production and extraction of wheat gluten, starch and glucose . Wheat flour would be the raw material for the extraction process.

It was calculated  that the Molens van Deinze would have to produce approximately 24.000 tons of flour per annum.

Production was to commence around September 1974. For this purpose, a new building complex was built next to the flour silos.

However , due to unforeseen market evolution , this company was never brought into stage of  production. In sofar that it did speed up however the proces of take-over  by N.V. DOSSCHE.

In 1975 the company was taken over by N.V. DOSSCHE, the market leader in the realm of mixed feeds, also established in Deinze.

In December 1999 NV MOLENS VAN DEINZE EN ANTWERPEN was changed to N.V. Dossche Mills



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Dossche Deinze

Dossche Deinze

Dossche Deinze

Dossche Deinze


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