Château Du Loup



Build in the 1912 according a design from architect J. Vercoutere.

It was a one of the 2 castles build on the same terrain, with a split driveway.

This one belonged for Emile Vanden Bogaerde, the other one by his brother Gaspard.

Both castles were completed around 1914, the breakout of WW1.



The 2 brothers volunteered as soldiers in the Belgium army and the 2 castles were occupied by the Germans.

Du Loup was used as a prison camp and partly destroyed, even the very expensive wood flooring was used as firewood.

It was restored after the war, but got occupied by the Germans again in the second World War.

The son of Emile, Jean-Pierre Vanden Bogaerde end his wife lived in the castle after the war.



In 1997 the castle became property of the city and the park was turned into public domain.


Status: Classified as protected heritage.

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