Brewery Bacchus

Brewery Bacchus

Founded in 1920.


Expanded in 1938 to a 3 floor building.

The expansion of infrastructure stood parallel to the expansion of production.

Early 1920, the annual deposit approximately 38,000 kg.

Immediately after the Second World War was more than tenfold to about 450,000 kg.

The staff grew proportionately.

Around 1935 the brewery had 24 employees: a miller, a brewer, a brewer guest in the fermentation room, two in the storage cellars, three in the ton factory, six in bottelary, a cooper, run seven men and two servants.


Mid 1955, the number of employees increased to 60.

Shortly before the outbreak of World War Bacchus brewed a high fermentation beer, the popular Bacchus Pils.


Around 1960, the brewery created the famous "Urtyp Panther", a luxury bottom-fermented beer.

The brewery Bacchus already cared for her own publicity by 1940 large porcelain enamel panels or paint the windows of cafes.

Especially for the Bacchus and Thyrse Pils-Ale has made a lot of publicity.

The production of the Panther Urtyp was accompanied by a good advertising campaign  with large signs, neon signs, slogans on cars and in newspapers, hats, large mugs, etc.

The success was accordingly.



Some examples of succesfull advertising:

Beercard Panter

Beercard Panter

Camionette Panter Beer

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